Kids ALWAYS let you down……..


This morning was my turn to take the kids to the school from the Boom-gate.

So there I was trying to remain calm amongst 7 rowdy children. Aidan’s birthday is coming up, so he was the main attraction this morning, discussing cakes and games amidst 7 screeching and excited, high pitched enthiusiastic and animated voices.

 Then I heard this little voice saying: “Yes Lara, I don’t a want a boring present again, from you, like last year!”

 I slammed on anchors, whipped my head around and boomed: “Aidan, that’s very rude. It’s not about the presents, it’s about all your friends sharing your birthday with you!”

Whatever……but I had to make a stand. We all know, the bigger the present the better….

But anyway,  I was so embarressed. I’m blushing with shame even as I’m writing this  5 hours later. Kids ALWAYS let you down….


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