Miss Molly….


Been a busy week. Yesterday was Molly’s birthday. She turned 6. This was the first time she acknowledged that it was her birthday and basked in the enjoyment of it all. My sister’s phoned and left messages. Not one of John’s sisters phoned to wish her a Happy Birthday. I despair of that family. Truly I do. But that’s another story and another post.

I’m a bit of a Prima Donna for my kids birthdays. I make a big, HUGE deal out of their birthdays. You don’t need to speak to my kids, just email or leave a message, but  just think about them on that day.

Molls is my non-conformist. Every family has them. She is a stubborn billy. You can smack her, shout at her, moer her  black and blue but she will NOT do anything if she doesn’t want to. (Please don’t get hysterical…it’s just an analogy, I do NOT beat my kids black and blue). I’m tempted sometimes, but manage to restrain myself. Her bottom lip does quiver if John reprimands her sternly. Molls gets treated normally in our house. There are no special favours for her. If we go up the beach, we tag her along. If we go skiing on the boat, she gets tagged along, if we go for a game drive she gets tagged along, and so forth and so forth. She may walk slower than the others, but she gets there in the end. And she loves every minute of it. She loves being around people. Molls loves water and she loves music and she loves horses. Those are her favourite things in the world.

So todays’ blog post is dedicated to her. A little girl who threw our world on it axis  a few years ago. A little girl who forced me to look deeper into the world of physio, speech and facing the world with disabilities. I chose to be a happy mommy. Not a mommy with the world on her shoulders. Molly has forced us to feel emotions to a depth that few can understand. She is a truly remarkable little girl that we love and can never imagine a world without her. She keeps us centred  and rooted and joyful. Joyful in this life that God chose for her and chose for us. It’s not easy. We encounter hectic things everyday, but the joy and love is higher on the Richter scale than the fear and disappointment of it all.

So here’s to you Tinka-Lou, Happy 6th Birthday. Mommy loves every inch of you and stay the happy, giggly, complicated monkey that you are!


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  1. Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy birthday dear Mo – lly!!!

    Happy birthday to yooooooouuuuu

    Hip hip! HOORAY!!!

    Happy birthday Molly

  2. Happy Birthday Molly girl (slightly belated) hope you had loads of cake and chips and sweets and pressies!

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