I’m his mamma after all….


Today’s Aidan’s 7th Birthday. My kids are the same age for 5 days every year.

Aidan is also such a good anchor in our lives. It’s so easy to get caught up in the competitive field of motherhood. Or rather the “I don’t want my child to miss out on anything syndrome”.

Like the best tennis racket, the best cricket bat etc etc. That’s where I am now. It doesn’t help when the coaches of these sports, imply that better equipment results in better performance. And if one child gets a Technifibre racket, your’e stuffed.  You will, I assure you, land up buying one.

 All the kids in  Aidan’s tennis group got expensive Technifibre rackets last year. I abstained as I couldn’t warrant paying that much for it, without it being for a birthday or Christmas present. So the for the last 8 months I’ve had to hear about it constantly from Aidan and his tennis coach. I eventually caved in and succumbed to buying one for his birthday, much to the disgust of some of the moms. (A tennis racket for his birthday, shame he needs it?) Well, it’s been a HUGE hit. A little bit of waiting for a gift never does anybody any harm at all. In fact he GREATLY appreciates it now.

John and I have a strict policy in our house. Gifts only on birthdays or Christmas. None of this grocery shopping and coming back with a treat. He may be taken once or twice a yearto Toys ‘R us and be allowed to buy a treat/pressie for R50 if he does well at school or an oral etc. But it’s a huge deal and a huge performance.

Because of our disposable income these days, our generation is all to quick to buy things for our kids because it’s cheap. And it’s tempting to buy something to see the happiness in their faces. But we are NOT doing them any favours. I want my kids to grow up hungry. I use the word hungry as a euphmism for ambition, drive and desire.

But, since it is Aidan’s birthday, I just want to mention what a blessing he is in our house. A mischevious child with a sense of humour. Sharp as whip. And he absolutely adores his mom. John is his hero but he loves me most. I’m his mamma afterall….

Happy Birthday my precious pumpkin…


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  1. Happy Birthday Aidan! Enjoy the (well-appreciated) tennis racket. I’m so with you on this! They need to learn the waiting and earning game. In fact I think that’s whats wrong with a LOT of today’s children, no appreciation for things given too soon, too quickly.

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