Ten private Things I can reveal about myself…


Ten  private things I can reveal about myself:

  1. I have a strange fascination for Die Antwoord. Like in a morbid fascination.
  2. I hate olive tapenade with a passion
  3. Apples make me have bad wind. Can’t eat them if I’m going out.
  4. I only love my own children and a few others. Most other kids I fake affection.
  5. Sometimes I want to overdose on sleeping pills to put me in a comatose sleep for at least 3 days. To catch up on sleep and not be able to hear John and the kids.
  6. Sometimes I resent John for always expecting me to do the school runs, organise the kids, think of what to make for lunch and supper!
  7. I’m bored shitless from reading the very much raved about White Masai. What a tit. Seriously. Who gives up a cushy life for someone they can’t communicate with, share kisses with, talk too, experience foreplay with? I think she fell in love with his abs and the romantic notion of living in Africa.
  8. I’m terrified of Deborah Patta
  9. I dream of being a singer like Louise Carver or Leslie Rae Dowling. But I only like them in LIVE version CD’s.
  10. I can eat two slabs of chocolate in one trot and then finish off with a Peppermint Crisp and a Tempo.

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  1. Cant wait for the two town mice to visit the country mouse and totally get no. 4 – that is why we are not bringing them with us.

  2. I’m also fascinated by Die Antwoord especially their living arrangements, daughter etc. Interesting article in the latest Rolling Stone magazine, well I think it was the latest – they’re on the cover – was reading it at my sister’s at bookclub last night very rudely ignoring everyone else.

  3. P.S. I can also do two slabs back to back :blush: and probably the peppermint crisp too, not sure about the Tempo though.

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