Snakes on the farm……..


Last night we had friends for dinner. I was a bit highly strung. Not about the dinner but more like a spillover from the very busy week I’ve had. It was nice to see them and just chill.

I know I keep harping on about this, but it’s hectic in my life. The lifting. My framing, John, Molly, Aidan, the books. Trying to diet. Trying to excercise. Fok it…. and still having to “you know”…. when all you want is a kiss and a cuddle and 300 thread count white percale pillow slip beneath your cheek. Cheerio ’til the morning dude.

Being Thursday morning, my morning to lift kids from the Boom-gate to the school, the kids happily filled me in on their snake story of two days ago. Apparently Aidan while on top of the jungle gym, spotted a Ringhals (Cobra) in the corner of the sand pit. He alerted the kids and teacher and they all ran for safety. The snake got away though.

That’s the thing about living in these parts. The snakes. We have puffadders, ringhals, Cape Cobra’s (very aggressive snakes), and night adders and the not so harmful skaap stekers.

My kids don’t play outside without some form of supervision. Be it me, John or a nanny.

In fact, last week, Molls and the nanny were sitting on the trampoline when I heard shouting. I ran outside to find Seko pointing at a snake, not 2 m from my child! We shouted for Lizzie, who is a ruthless snake killer of note, and she sorted the snake out. I know you shouldn’t kill snakes, but really, I have to, for my kids’ sakes.

So all’s well that ended well.

Here is a picture of the snake. Which was a night adder. Thank goodness not a puff adder!


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