school ties, friends and red wine….


I had two friends visit this weekend. School friends from High School. I’ve been out of school for 21 years. Old school friends, particularly hostel friends, are like sisters. You pick up where you left off. You have so much in common coz you went through those damaged, fucked up confusing teenage years together.

I always tell John how much I love teenagers. Especially the 85 teenagers in my Sunday School class. It’s such a confusing time being a teenager. You’re hormonal, not  a child and not an adult yet, you feel stirrings in your loins for the first time, you’re rebellious, moody, confused, depressed and excited to start your life. You experiment with clothes, with boys, with how far you can push your teachers. you’re hailed an absolute hero if you can actually make your teacher cry.

 Well it was like that in our day. After prep(2 hour evening homework session)  one night in hostel, I think I was in standard 8, a girl made Mr L cry. Mr L was a 28-year-old student at Rhodes and a hostel master. She literally broke his spirit and the grown man, studying theology at Rhodes broke down at half past 8 at night and sobbed in front of 120 girls. The sad thing was that he got no sympathy. The 120 girls howled and shrieked with laughter. They mocked and scorned and goaded the poor bastard….

I think he’s still scarred from that night. We remembered this story at last years School Reunion, with exquisite fondness as a highlight of our school career. Of course we had knocked back a case or two of red wine whilst reminiscing….

So girls, thanks for the visit and for the laugh last night. I loved it.

Oh yes, I promise you…we haven’t peaked yet!


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