The lady is a……………


Lately we’ve seen a lot of the same people at the same kinda functions. That’s a farming community for you.

You may think: same people , same conversations. Yes, pretty much, give or take…

We have the wife that gets the shits with her husband in 5 seconds flat, that wants to leave as soon as she’s arrived. Unfortunately the rest of us have to listen to the bitching and moaning. We all listen patiently when, I think, all any one of us wants to say: “Get in your car and fuck off then. Please I beg of you!”

Then there’s the pissed lush that is an absolute bitch to any woman who wants to talk to her. Passive aggressive drunk. The one you stay clear of. That will chirp you loudly with an embarrassing comment. Your face will blush with shame and embarrassment. This particular woman loves hanging onto the husbands and has been known, on the odd occasions to try to kiss a girl coz she likes it!

Then you get the woman known as the epitome of a lady. She drinks too much red wine and practises very hard to come across sober. But the blackened red wine stained teeth give it away. She squints her eyes, cocking her head to one side and focuses very carefully.

Such is the life of a farming community…..



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