Mills and Boons, The Thorn birds and other stories….


Its’s raining here at the moment. Lovely big drops and  shining wet grass everywhere. So I decided to curl up on the bed with a book. The Thorn Birds. Yes, the book about the delicious Catholic priest and the little Australian Outback Meggie. The date it was first published is 1978.

My mom caught me reading this book in Std 5 and had 10 shits of note! I remember her ranting and raving like a loony and begging me to never EVER read a Mills and Boons. So I promptly did. 100’s of the things.

My bookcases from Std 5 right through to Std 8 heaved and sagged from Penny Jordan’s Mills and Boons. And/or any Mills and Boon I could get my hands on. I eventually grew out of it and grew more discerning but I never recovered from that yearning of a man kissing me in anger and clutching my heaving breast through my cotton shirt on the shores of a Tropical island, while his throbbing manhood pressed against my desiring oyster….or whatever…

Seriously the number of adjectives an average Mills and Boons, goes through must be in the 1000’s.

I’ve since discovered that sex isn’t always hot and angry and passionate. Who knew? I would never have guessed that in Std 5?

So here I’ am, stuck with the Thorn Birds, which isn’t as hot and steamy as I remember it to be. I think its coz my mom wouldn’t mind me reading it now…and that sort of takes the fun out of it!


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  1. Do you remember the television series? Richard Chamberlain – yummy! (as he was then, not now).

    My mother caught me reading Lace in Std 4 with a similar reaction.

  2. Yes, I remember the TV series. I googled it yesterday on Youtube. The music brought back so many memories.
    Princess Daisy also caused a bit of a sensation at the girls boarding school I attended. Very funny now to recall that memory.

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