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As a family………


There have been a few major shifts this week that have nudged me gently along. I’m grateful for those little nudges. I’m a bit of a procrastinator.

John and I are in our own little cocoon at the moment. I’m enjoying it very much. I just need him to be the leader and make all the decisions.  We leave in 2 weeks exactly and it’s all I can think about. My brain is scrambled and I’m all consumed with leaving my kids for 10 days. I don’t leave them easily.

My little chap is reading so nicely. I make up little games for him to play, to make phonics  more exciting. Like the Giant Phonics Man. I take A3 paper and write about 5 words in huge letters. He has to read them like a giant. He can’t just say them he has to shout them in his great big giant voice.

His favourite word is -um. like hum, sum, rum. Then he can say hum rhymes with BUM! or Do rhymes with poo. Boys march to a different tune. I love viewing the world through his eyes. Homework is a combination of cajoling, reprimanding and lots of laughing. I plan to enjoy these moments because next year he’s off to boarding school where other adventures await. Good news is,  that I’ve stopped wanting to cry when I talk about him going to boarding school. I would be so childish and my eyes would well up with tears and I’d want to start wailing like a looney!

John and I have this protocol that we don’t like splitting the family up. We do things as a family. Even Aidan uses that term,”I thought we were going to do it as a family?” So boarding school is not a natural step we are taking easily. It’s definitely the best option though in these parts.

chat soon

au revoir and all that………


The Art Gallery…..


Here are some of the paintings in my Latest Project: The Art Gallery. Have enjoyed myself immensely. Will be displaying them on Monday.

I have a meeting with my photographer friend this arvie. Will see how it goes. I’m still excited to see his work regardless of whether I buy or not. I find him inspiring.

Beautiful artwork is so inspiring don’t you think? I wish I could buy more sculptures, ceramics and oils. But you know what they say….slowly slowly catch a monkey. Besides, one can buy and buy and buy. But one also needs to sell too. That’s business.

Here are some samplers:

 I love the above landscape best. The use of technique, brush stroke and colour is really good.

I must say the more I frame the more classical I seem to frame. Frame it so that it still looks fresh in twenty years time. Wood frames work on oils THE BEST!

Here is something I framed recently. Little ceramic tiles which I box framed simply. I just love them. They are in 3 boxes which can be hung together in a series or separately.

Anyway I feel so inspired with art and words at the moment. It’s like a blind fold has been ripped off my eyes.

Am finding beauty and peace and SO MUCH INSPIRATION in words and art and everything around me. My head is spinning and overflowing with ideas.

It’s so motivating. Thank you Lord..

Travel we must…….


Stoopid Stoopid Stooooooopid me! I blimin’ opened my mouth this morning to convene a fund-raiser for our church. I don’t mind doing it, but we have 3 weeks exactly before we leave for Europe. I’m so stressed about flying that it will be good to occupy my mind with something else.

I love travelling I do. It’s an invaluable experience. It’s a necessity of life. It shifts your mind-set. It broadens your horizon and at the same time it makes you realise that the world is small.

You see beautiful architecture. Beautiful art. Taste different food. Expose yourself to a different rhythm and beat.

and….then there’s the flying. I can’t sit still for so long. I don’t sleep on the plane. I’m restless and anxious coz I’ve just left my kids and the farm etc.

Anyway will embrace this privilege of being able to travel. Will kiss it full on the lips and give it a bear hug.

Hellooooo Belgium………..and hellooooooooooooooo Switzerland………

The bruising of hearts…..


A friend of mine has come out the closet to his wife and now wants to divorce her. The trouble is, is that they have two beautiful kids. I say the trouble is, because life as those two precious little kids know it, is shattered and will never be the same again.

Divorce which ever way you look at it has casualties. Most often the kids. It’s necessary sometimes to divorce if the spouse is constantly cheating on you or the love is no longer there etc. Coz at the end of the day, what message are you sending to the kids?

At what stage of a marriage to a sexy, lovely wife and as a father to two kids, do you think, this is it? It’s time to be real to oneself. To announce to the world that you’re gay and prepared to lose everything for a change in lifestyle?

Do you think it’s fair that he knew all along that he was gay and only chose to mention it once the kids were 8 and 7 years old? No, it isn’t I’m afraid.

The mom is the moer-in, like in, livid, furious, befok with rage at the moment. I don’t blame her. I would be too.

But who knows, down the road they may become best friends again. Bringing up the children with mutual love and understanding. Because, as much as you are important, the date you conceive a child, is the day, you take a step backwards and put those kids first. Always first. Always protecting them. To keep them safe. Coz you know that it’s a bitch out there.

So, I think of the emotional turmoil of that family at the moment. The anger, the confusion, the betrayal, the hurt.

The bruising of hearts. I pray for their healing and calm in their lives.

It truly means a lot to me…


This diet lark is not for sissy’s. And I’m afraid that food snuck in when no-one is watching, Nigellas Lawson style, truly DOES catch up eventually.

Oh my goodness gracious, but I love snacking and eating and munching. Winter is truly a biaatch to me. I like her for her red wine and warm fires but truly she has a nasty streak when it comes to packing on the kilo’s on my tummy, thighs and triple chin.

I’d love to blame it on Maryna, who resides in the dark love cave, but I am doubtful. A Chocolate Log, a kitkat, Lindt ball or twenty has to go somewhere. Doesn’t it? Maryna serves a purpose of deflecting, um, um, the tadpoles but truly she can’t be all that fabulous if she can’t mult task by ridding said weight of said luscious body?

Oh well, have asked a friend to fax through a diet. She has lost 4.9kgs in the last few weeks. Well done my girl! That’s awesome. Truly, feel a little jealous now.

I have used the word truly 6-7 times in this post.

Because truly, I’m serious about this subject. It truly means a lot to me. Truly…

Other words for truly:

absolutely, accurately, actually, authentically, beyond doubt, beyond question, confirmedly, constantly, correctly, de facto, definitely, devotedly, exactly, factually, faithfully, firmly, genuinely, honestly, honorably, in actuality, in fact, in reality, in truth, legitimately, loyally, positively, precisely, reliably, righteously, rightly, sincerely, staunchly, steadily, surely, truthfully, unequivocally, veraciously, veritably, very, with all one’s heart, with devotion, without a doubt

So the girls have left home….


I’m finding that I’m a bit bad tempered at the moment. A thin lipped viper if you must. (and my lips were once compared to Dr Addison Montgomery’s on Private Practise, that’s how lush they are…) I’m snapping at the kids. John got lifted clean off his feet yesterday and pinned against the wall while his feet were thrashing about as my hands tightened against his throat. No, not really, but it crossed my mind a few times.

My Sex Drive,  has packed her bags and facked off in a huff. Her cousin Clitoria,  said she felt like a barren piece of chicken fillet, useless and redundant and left as well. She gave me a look of such indignant temper, that I clamped my thighs together in fear.

So if I self diagnose, I would say it’s somewhat hormonal or related to the Hormone family. I think a trip to the doctor is on the cards. I just hate going for anything vaginally related to our doctor. He’s always professional but he’s sort of a huis vriend. I serve him steaks at our fundraising events for Pete’s sakes. Today I spread ‘im and tomorrow I gently place his plate of steak and chips in front of him. Not cool. Although you’d never say he’d seen half the va-jay-jays in our community. That’s how good he is. Discrete and all that.

I think I must put my big girl pant on and make an appointment. Sort it out. So the girls can come home….to me…where they belong.

Is food and cooking becoming screamingly pretentious and unrealistic?


Please don’t continue reading if you don’t want to be infected by discontentment, restlessness, or just plain grey, moody March and April.

I’m feeling disgruntled, hostile, filled with discord and just plain incompatible with life at the moment. WTF? I’m usually annoyingly happy.Someone once compared me with the continuously happy nun on Sister Act. You know the one with a fat round face and a happy smile. I was so pissed off with the boy who told me that, that I’ve refused his friendship on facebook twice.

But what I want to discuss today is the latest Food and Home I bought and read this morning.

Is food and cooking becoming screamingly pretentious and unrealistic?

Let me paint a picture. I live on a farm about 110kms away from the nearest city. I bought the mag coz the cover looked delicious. It had a picture of a Plum and Apple crumble, in a bowl, displayed  on a piece of hessian.

The piece of hessian, I presume, is to create a sort of homely look and give one a feeling of using local, farm ingredients. Now, I live on a farm, and not a fuck would I EVER use a piece of Hessian ANYWHERE in my kitchen. It absorbs dust and dirt and continuously sheds little bits of fluff and hessian. I see that Plum and Apple Crumble resting ever so gently on that piece of hessian and I can unfortunately imagine tasting little pieces of hessian and fluff.

So the tasty looking crumble is discredited by the pretentious piece of hessian.

Also some of the recipes use ingredients like:

  • galangal
  • arborio rice
  • asian mushrooms
  • panko breadcrumbs
  • chestnuts

Okay there aren’t to many unknown ingredients, but still, I’m in a critical, slightly bitchy mood. But in all honesty, the recipes seem a tad pretentious and make use of expensive nuts, pomegranate seeds and other expensive ingredients. Ingredients, that I, wouldn’t even be able to locate in the greater Eastern Cape region. So that leaves only those living in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town able to cook these recipes. Nice one Food and Home!

So let me ask you again:

Do you think cooking has become a tad pretentious?

on page 40 of the Food and Home there’s a picture of a blonde girl in trendy (spotlessly clean) gumboots touching a little calf. Her white, short, anglaise dress spotless and gleaming in the sunlight. Highly unlikely in real life. Next to her in another photo is a wire crate of glass milk bottles filled with milk. There are NO lids on the milk. HUh? Also highly unlikely.