So the girls have left home….


I’m finding that I’m a bit bad tempered at the moment. A thin lipped viper if you must. (and my lips were once compared to Dr Addison Montgomery’s on Private Practise, that’s how lush they are…) I’m snapping at the kids. John got lifted clean off his feet yesterday and pinned against the wall while his feet were thrashing about as my hands tightened against his throat. No, not really, but it crossed my mind a few times.

My Sex Drive,  has packed her bags and facked off in a huff. Her cousin Clitoria,  said she felt like a barren piece of chicken fillet, useless and redundant and left as well. She gave me a look of such indignant temper, that I clamped my thighs together in fear.

So if I self diagnose, I would say it’s somewhat hormonal or related to the Hormone family. I think a trip to the doctor is on the cards. I just hate going for anything vaginally related to our doctor. He’s always professional but he’s sort of a huis vriend. I serve him steaks at our fundraising events for Pete’s sakes. Today I spread ‘im and tomorrow I gently place his plate of steak and chips in front of him. Not cool. Although you’d never say he’d seen half the va-jay-jays in our community. That’s how good he is. Discrete and all that.

I think I must put my big girl pant on and make an appointment. Sort it out. So the girls can come home….to me…where they belong.


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  1. Thank you for visiting my blog earlier today 🙂
    I have sent you an email.
    Yes, the doctor should really be visited. I can understand why you don’t want to go visit him, being a “huis vriend” and all. That can be uncomfortable but rather that than to suffer.

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