Travel we must…….


Stoopid Stoopid Stooooooopid me! I blimin’ opened my mouth this morning to convene a fund-raiser for our church. I don’t mind doing it, but we have 3 weeks exactly before we leave for Europe. I’m so stressed about flying that it will be good to occupy my mind with something else.

I love travelling I do. It’s an invaluable experience. It’s a necessity of life. It shifts your mind-set. It broadens your horizon and at the same time it makes you realise that the world is small.

You see beautiful architecture. Beautiful art. Taste different food. Expose yourself to a different rhythm and beat.

and….then there’s the flying. I can’t sit still for so long. I don’t sleep on the plane. I’m restless and anxious coz I’ve just left my kids and the farm etc.

Anyway will embrace this privilege of being able to travel. Will kiss it full on the lips and give it a bear hug.

Hellooooo Belgium………..and hellooooooooooooooo Switzerland………


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  1. wow, I loved switzerland when I went there…it’s a long time ago now…. Enjoy the flurry of the next few weeks!

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