As a family………


There have been a few major shifts this week that have nudged me gently along. I’m grateful for those little nudges. I’m a bit of a procrastinator.

John and I are in our own little cocoon at the moment. I’m enjoying it very much. I just need him to be the leader and make all the decisions.  We leave in 2 weeks exactly and it’s all I can think about. My brain is scrambled and I’m all consumed with leaving my kids for 10 days. I don’t leave them easily.

My little chap is reading so nicely. I make up little games for him to play, to make phonics  more exciting. Like the Giant Phonics Man. I take A3 paper and write about 5 words in huge letters. He has to read them like a giant. He can’t just say them he has to shout them in his great big giant voice.

His favourite word is -um. like hum, sum, rum. Then he can say hum rhymes with BUM! or Do rhymes with poo. Boys march to a different tune. I love viewing the world through his eyes. Homework is a combination of cajoling, reprimanding and lots of laughing. I plan to enjoy these moments because next year he’s off to boarding school where other adventures await. Good news is,  that I’ve stopped wanting to cry when I talk about him going to boarding school. I would be so childish and my eyes would well up with tears and I’d want to start wailing like a looney!

John and I have this protocol that we don’t like splitting the family up. We do things as a family. Even Aidan uses that term,”I thought we were going to do it as a family?” So boarding school is not a natural step we are taking easily. It’s definitely the best option though in these parts.

chat soon

au revoir and all that………


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