Jet setting through Belgium and Switzerland…..


Well it’s over. We arrived back from Switzerland late yesterday arvie. Our flight left Zürich at about 10:20pm and arrived in Johannesburg at 9am ish. Our connecting flight home was only at 2:40pm. So a long sit and wait in OR Tambo.

Seeing the kids was divine. Please forgive me, but I didn’t really miss the kids until I saw them in Arrivals. We were too busy sightseeing and enjoying ourselves. I really enjoyed the break and having time alone with Johns. We tried most earnestly to conceive a child in Europe…. so we shall see. If it happens…it does. If it doesn’t…well so what? I’m still content with my life.

So many adventures in a small space in time. Another shift in one’s mindset. I’ve realised that the touristy parts of Europe, especially Belgium are irritating. But leaving the centre, busier parts, for the real flavour of the country or city is magical. John dragged me around Brugge by making the four of us ride on bicycles. If I tell you I screamed and threw a monumental tantrum, I’d probably be under playing the Big Scene that I made. I even called him a Doos under my breath. Not too quietly, but loud enough for him to hear. So off I was forced to ride this bloody bike along the canals right into the outskirts of Brugge. Oh MY GIDDY Aunt! One of the highlights of the trip. I enjoyed the bicycle paths but the riding among cars and pedestrians is hair raising…BUT I DID IT! What fun and most enjoyable. I think there could be an American Tourist with a bruised bosom where I gently rode into her after I panicked when a bus passed me!

Belgium has either Dutch or a French flair. We went to both parts of Belgium. A little town called Dinant. Very Frenchy and so charming. Brugge has more of a Dutch undertone and lovely too. But Brussels…..was okay. Very mixed up and I couldn’t place a finger on the gist of the city. It is VERY cosmopolitan. With every nationality you can think of. I found it dirty and too city-like for my taste. It smells like wee too. But, pheww they can serve up delicious Belgian waffles and chips with mayonnaise. We also tried the famous mussels in Brussels. What can I say about that? Go and have a poo in the toilet, flush the toilet. Take a Tupperware and scoop up the toilet water, throw in 1kg of the smallest undersized mussels you can find and let it soak up the smells and flavour. That’s what they tasted like. John turned a little green whilst eating them and went pale when anyone mentioned mussels after that!

Zürich was lovely. I love Switzerland. So traditional. So well run. So clean. We stayed with a friend’s sister and were privileged enough to be taken on a road trip into the Alps for 2 days. We stayed in the most charming Swiss B&B. Very Swiss. Ate a meal on the Rocket Stove, fondue, delicious breads, bretzels, Gruyère cheese. We drove around the most charming villages. Ancient and untouched by tourists. A real Swiss experience. our bedroom was above the barn, so we had cows and their cow bells jingling the whole night.

Well, so much to say about 9 days of busy fun. But a really great experience and laughed a lot. At some stages I lost my breath from laughing so much. Who wouldn’t enjoy that?


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  1. Welcome back, I LOVED Switzerland when I went, even though it was just 3 days a long time ago, it is just the most amazing place! Hope you are well rested and reconnected, missed you here!

  2. Welcome home. Your trip sounds amazing, I look forward to hearing more about it, I’ve never been to any of those places and it sounds like you have some fun stories to tell.

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