Driving on the beach in a Rolls Royce…….


We arrived back on the farm to a temperature of 3 Degrees. Frik that’s bloody cold. John made a fire last night and I pushed the couch as close as was humanly possible to the fireplace. I did keep an eye on any rebellious sparks that might have flown in my direction. I think the synthetic fibre on the 25-year-old couch, all the sugary finger and hand prints and spilled suspect juices would have blown up like a rocket had any sparks settled on the cold tatty, grubby well lived on couch!

Aidan of course has been a little unplayable and John and I have made a pact to smack him at the next available opportunity. Just to show him who’s boss, of course. I think Nanna spoiled him a fair amount. And he knows how to play and manipulate his victims exceptionally well. He gets a little cheeky and then he reminds us how he missed us with a glint in his eye. hmmmmmmm. I smell a little rat there girls?

But he’s such a sweet chap and sharp as whip. He makes me laugh at his pranks. My mom says he’s such a well-adjusted, level-headed, well-mannered boy and well….I think I agree. All she said about Molly was that she was strong-willed and then a deep meaningful silence. I think Molls being cerebral palsy didn’t influence her judgement one bit. She’s always been a bit lenient towards her. I think she’s seen the light now and seen that Molls knows what’s going on and is NO pushover.

I’m at work at the moment. Just received a VERY healthy payment from a satisfied customer. One of my biggest payments yet. So a lovely welcome home surprise.

Glad, coz I need the money after all my globe-trotting. John says we’ve been driving on the beach in a Rolls Royce! He comes up with funny quips that one!


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