Manic Mama’s


Let’s talk about Manic Mothers. Who fits into this slot?

Let’s discuss:

  1. Mother’s who can’t believe no-one loves their kids as much as them. They appear incredulous at your lack of unadulterated adoration.
  2. Mother’s who refrain from speaking to someone else should their viewpoint be different to theirs e.g; about schooling, nappies, breastfeeding, Thrass, Letterland or whatever the frack blows their Kook hairs back…
  3. Mothers that tell continuous, never-ending, shit-boring stories about how fabulous their darlings are.
  4. Mothers that use their kids to write lardy-dar facebook statuses about their children’s current brilliance /SLASH/ charm
  5. Mother’s that stalk teachers. If you phone the teacher more than once a week, YES, you fit into this category
  6. Mother’s that only talk about their kids and NOTHING else.

A.S and M.A.

You two are NOTHING like this. It’s refreshing to speak to you as you have a range of many vast topics. You embrace differences in opinion and ideas in life. Well done. This is a mighty fine achievement. You’ve passed my test and I’ve put in you in the front of my friendship queue. Good on ya gals…..

To the rest of you….try harder please………………

later biatches……


2 responses »

  1. I hate Manic Mothers and try hard not to be one.

    Think you could add another point though –
    7. Mothers who regard you as inferior or failing your child because you are not doing everything that they are

    Of course not worded as eloquently as yours. And possibly an extension to no 2.

  2. Too true. But in my cynical wisdom, I know, and you should know too, that there is no such thing as a perfect mother. The mother with a gorgeous little girl with perfectly neat hair, probably made her child cry this morning when she roughly brushed it into submission!

    The well mannered boy with his matching gown and slippers is probably too terrified to be cheeky in case he gets another smack. As my friend Brigid, now living in New Zealand says:”Having kids levels the playing field!!!!” LOL

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