A bit of a feathery stroker Blog Post today…..


This morning I received an email from a neighbour. True Christians in mind and spirit and how they live their lives. AND they do live normal lives, I assure you.

Hello John and @#$!&

I hope your trip overseas was FANTASTIC!? 

Thank you so much for the invitation to your 40th (big milestone), but unfortunately ^&*% and I will be away that weekend. 

We want to say, however that we admire you both for your achievements as a family, and you, John, for your achievements as a business family man.

You have reason to be proud; both of you.

@#$ and *()&

Wow, what an awesome start to my morning. Such uplifting, encouraging words from someone out the blue.

So….my point is NOT to brag about the letter and it’s contents but RATHER to encourage us all, me included, to behave more like these two individuals. Honour someone while they’re alive. Give someone a smile. Give someone a sincere honest compliment.

I seem to be belting out a lot about honesty this week.

I crave honesty. Someone may not like it….but BY JOVE, they’ll respect you for it. I’m talking encouraging honesty…and NOT honesty as in: Please pluck your chin hairs, they’re frikkin’ awful, do you have to wear that tight top, NO, not that KIND of HONESTY!

you know what I mean………I know you do.

Try it at least once today…

’til later then………


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  1. You are so right – it only takes a few monites to make someone’s day. And yet, sadly, in the hustle and bustle of a working mother’s life I tend to forget 😦

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