Stripping my moer……..


 I only strip my moer about once or maybe even twice a year. It happened this morning. Someone innocently sent a joint email about a function our Farmer’s Association is organising and didn’t eloquently express himself. The result was me looking like an incompetent asshole. Well, I got onto that phone instantly and lambasted him in a calm, firm tone. He apologised most profusely, but I don’t think it’s sunk in at all.

The result: I think he will think twice before he mentions my name in an email again. Tosser.

In life, we are too quick to blame other things instead of taking responsibilty for our actions. Put your big girl panties on and take responsibility…

Read this article if you have time today…. . It makes for an interesting read.

I like to look at the world from another angle. The writer speaks her heart and not her mind. Very refreshing. Honesty is SO refreshing. I crave honesty.


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