heeee haaaaa cowgirl………..


So this morning has begun with an argument already. Jeez, I’m exhausted before the day begins. What is that?

Breathe in, breathe out. Breathe in, breathe out…..

Today, well actually this morning, I have a free morning to do as I choose. No noose around my neck pulling tighter and tighter if I don’t do my chores.

I choose to frame. Lovely. This last week I pulled in so much work in that I caught a teeny speed wobble. I think it could have been 25 jobs in two days. I have more lined up this week. The thing with framing is, is that one ALWAYS has work. I never look at my work bench and think, phew I’m done here buggers. It’s never happened in the 4 years of owning this little business.

I’m also framing more ‘oils’ which is just my fave. I love framing oils. No glass, no fiddly mount board.

The art gallery is ticking by slowly. I’ve connected with another artist. I’ve possibly sold another two paintings this week. A good chance.

I’m busy with my next event. John’s 40th birthday bash held down in one of our sheds.  A Country and Western theme. Dress up required. So I need to organise my cow-girl outfit. I’ve planned the menu. I want good, hearty Country food. It will be something like this: A table with homemade different breads, farmbutter, cheeses and pots of homemade jams. Hearty beef and Guinness pie with rice(for the farmers) and some steaming veg. And then for puds(we say pudding in our family, not dessert, see earlier posts), Malva Pudding and hot custard.

There are a fair amount of people coming and so need to have food that I can prepare the day before and just heat up. I’m going to have hay bales for seating and some red and white gingham table cloths on the serving tables. With some saddles and cowboy hats (thank you Crazy Store) strewn about to add to the ambience. The bar will be in one corner and will have to organise some sensible barmen and a DJ in the other corner.

The nannies will look after all the monkeys up at the house. I’ll put on some DVD’s and pray my house will stay in one piece. Thembisa can organise Hot dogs and ice-cream for the kids. Very nerve wracking though. I also might have about 20 sleeping over. Will ask neighbours for their house that they use for weekend getaways. So some people will stay with us and a few next door. All sorted. If the weather is too cold we’ll have it up at the house. It’s gets really cold here in the Winter.

Phew, I have writers cramp. Too much sharing for one day, I think….

later biaaaatches……….



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