Happy 40th Birthday you bullet…….


Dear Johnzee,

Happy Birthday John.

You’re 40 today and you’ve accomplished so much in the last 11 years since your Dad died. You took your mom and I, the farming and all the side shows in your stride, well.

You’re one of the good ones. My friends tell me all the time that your’e one of the good ones. You’re not perfect, but your heart is in the right place. And you’re a Christian first and foremost.

You’re an excellent father to our two monkeys. Especially for loving Molls, no questions asked, no self pity and unconditionally. Molls’ could’ve been a bitter pill to swallow, but you’ve never looked at it that way. EVER…And for being a good role model for our little boy.

As well as being an exquisitely satisfying ride, you make me laugh everyday. Thanks for that.

I know some people, ‘specially your Afrikaans friends, think I wear the pants sometimes, but you and I know the truth hey?

Happy 40th, love. Cheers, here’s to another 40 more!




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