Counteskaz is tired jong………


This place is exhausting me at the moment. I’ve had more than enough.

Yesterday I had to suck my thumb and cater for an event where I didn’t know how many people where coming. It’s difficult. So I catered for 500 and we sold about 450 meals for our Farmer’s Association Bike Ride.

A few weeks ago I organised the Methodist bazaar and cooked 14 kgs of mince for 100 portions of curry and rice. The day after that, John and I cooked a potjie for 150 people for our Country Club fundraiser.

Now I have to organise this months steakhouse for about 70-80 people this Saturday. sigh. sigh. sigh. All for Round Table.

Next Monday I’ll start organising the food for John’s 40th. Beef and ale pie for about 80 people. Numbers will be confirmed on Friday.

John and I are not caterers. We just live in a farming community. We are ALL involved. AND,  if someone said to me at lunch time, I’ll be bringing 80 people for lunch tomorrow, I wouldn’t bat an eyelid. That would be 5kgs of rice, 10 kg’s of rump for Beef Stroganoff and all the extra’s. Fetch plates and knives and forks from Round Table. Organise 2 serving points. and BOB’s your uncle. I’m a veteran now…..old hat. ha ha

I enjoy being involved, it’s fun to work with like-minded ladies all focused on the same goal. To raise money for our Old Age Home, our needy Farm Schools, our community, the soup kitchen. The list is endless.

It’s fun. It’s also fun for the kids too. They get to jol with all their mates and drink one or two cans of creme soda. But for me, this Monday morning, where my feet and lower back feel VERY hard done by, I’m limping and feeling a tad sorry for myself. Jeez, when does this end?

Countesskaz is tired…..jong!


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  1. I am glad a boer didnt soek this vrou – I would never be able to handle that – 6 for book club send me into a tail spin!

  2. MJ, today, 6 for book club would literally make me fall to my knees, beat my fists to my Beech wood floors and sob with frustration. Just saying 6 for bookclub makes me wanna dry heave.

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