because I’m a lazy bitch today…………..



Right now, I am …procrastinating and should be ordering new stock for framing.

Cannot live without … internet and husband and kids

I’m reading ….nothing. I have the latest Deon Meyer and Leslie Pierce but haven’t started them yet.

True Story! I met Pamela Jooste in Nice-France in 2000 at the Matisse Museum. We chatted for a few hours, hit it off and she sent me a signed copy of Dance with A Poor Man’s Daughter. I also won an Uno Cento in 1999 in the National Madame and Eve competition.

Favourite place in Cape Town …I quite dig the top of Table Mountain if there aren’t any tourists swarming the place (I mean that most respectfully), I fancy Franschoek. and I love John’s Aunts home as she is artistic and SO inspirational.

 Favourite place in SA .. Our farm most definitely. We have the most divine veld with thorn trees, aloes. See for some of veld scenes with aloes and Bonsmara cattle. That’s what parts of our farm looks like.

 Favourite place in the world …I love Black Rock near Kosi Bay, near the Mocambique Border. I also love my house.

 I’ve lived in … London, England,  Port Elizabeth, Grahamstown, and current location

Next up on my bucket list …Painting course

. The last thing I crossed of my bucket list … setting up my Art Gallery

 I realized I was an adult when …we found out that Molly was cerebral palsy. I grew a pair of sizable balls when consulting the doctors.

I realized I’d never be an adult when …I feel closer to my teenage nieces and nephews that I do their parents!!!!

In the movie of my life, I want to be played by …definitely Kate Winslet. Someone once told me I look like her in Hideous Kinky. That was 45 kg’s ago. These days one would have to squint and look at me from about 600 metres away to see the resemblance.

Best invention since the wheel…internet, my iphone(love her so very much)

 A house is not a home without … books, books, books, books, books, messy drawer, photo’s

This week I’m crushing on ….I think John is so hot since he’s turned 40. so masculine. have a major crush on him at the moment.

I’m currently working on … John’s 40th this weekend. Having an opskop in the shed.

 I’m really proud of my two kids. they make me proud everyday.

. You’d be amazed if I showed you my …cellulite on my thighs

 I cannot survive winter without …. my new winter PJ’s from the Woolworth and RED wine and log fires.

Signature dish … my slow roasted lamb with rosemary

Guilty pleasure … chocolate and  The Kardashians

When no-one’s looking …I cram more chocolate in and eat more sushi

 In my next life I want to be … a man

Every morning …I love my hot bath

I believe that … God is great and capable of GREAT miracles.

 I’ve really got to work on …my weight

Best advice I was ever given …from my mother: “Put 10% of your salary away every month”


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