Where have I been?


Let me answer a few questions:

Where have I been? I’ve been lurking around. I’ve been exceptionally busy.

Busy with what? projects, plays, parties, people. people make me tired

and now? Things are much quieter. I only have manageable tasks ahead. Fun!!!

Everyone reaches phases of their life. Mine is calmness at the moment. Uninspired calmness.

The Maryna which I had removed has taken away my melancholy, thrush, water retention and left me with laughter and an increased sex drive. Yay for John. Seriously, I can’t believe how much happier I feel. My weight is still the same though! fk! fk! fk! I don’t feel tearful or bitchy or impatient.

On another note I’m reading a simply dreadful book at the moment called Fifty Shades of Grey. Yuk. It is a Mills and Boon on steroids. I have had absolutely no benefits in reading this book. It’s soft porn. Very Kak actually. Dullsville. I read for intellectual stimulation, so this book is SO not doing it for me. I just think that I could be reading some other book and using that energy to learn something. Instead I’m stuck with a book that’s, quiet frankly, 3rd rate,  and predictable. You see, I never discard a book without having completed it. It’s a weakness. Finish what I start and all that……


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  1. Welcome back, I am a bit of a lurker!

    Just wanted to let you know I am 100% with you on Shades of Grey, it is Mills and Boon on steriods, or as I refer to all the Ena Murray’s and Sarah du Pisanie’s I read as teenager “Bosbrand op die See” books. Without knowing what the book was about I told my Dad he can borrow my copy, while I am on holiday as it is the latest sensation. I am to ummhh “uncomfortable” to ask whether he has read it!

  2. the best description is saw for 50 was its like a porn flick, the writing is terrible, but you read for the sex scenes – which are ever so slightly contrived. spot the sarcasm…

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