My two beautiful children xxxxxx


Today I feel like reflecting on my many blessings:

  • Thank you God for my little boy. So filled with wonder for the world. He received such an EXCELLENT report this last term. So filled with humour even when someone annoys him and trys to knock him down. So filled with excitement and enthusiasm for each day and each new thing he discovers. So gentle and kind with his sister. So caring for Molly and helping her down stairs or berating me if I forget something. God CHOSE him to be Molly’s brother. That’s a VERY special job.
  • And my little precious girl, Molly. Dad and I have learnt, especially on Friday, that you need protection from the venomous people of this world. The toxic people who don’t have your best interests at heart. Toxicity comes in many forms, disguised and spewing from people’s selfish mouths. We WILL protect you and we WILL cut dead any baggage that pulls us down. We don’t need ignorant people in our lives. You and Aidan are our first priority.

So thank you God, for my two beautiful children. Our two most precious people who John and I will protect with our all our heart and soul.



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