Lazy days and fun days


Today is Sunday. Wer’e having the laziest day ever. Church, tea after church and home to veg. And veg we have. I had a marathon sleep this morning for a few hours. I never realised how exhausted my body is after these last 2 and a half months of running around.

Lazyness knows no bounds and I even popped in a Nina lasagna at about 11am on a slow heat which was ready to eat at 2pm. A late, lazy lunch. I then took the kids for a long walk on the farm. Aidan rode his bike and Molls and I followed behind. The two dogs running back and forth between us.

So now I’ve left them all watching the Wimbledon Men’s Final. John and I are rooting for Murray. Aidan for Federer and Molls doesn’t give a toss. When I was growing up, Wimbledon was mandatory in our house. We knew all the stats and figures. These days, for me, it’s a luxury to watch all the games. It takes up too much time.

So much to look forward to this week. A quick overnight trip to my sister. She’s taking me to some Art Exhibitions now in her city and a lovely spot for lunch and then another famous spot for some coffee and cake. What more can a girl ask for? 

I’m also hosting Book club, which I love. I love Book club that is and the girls in Book club are awesome. We laugh a lot in Book club and it’s NEVER about the books. It’s a tea and then as we are leaving, we quickly snatch a few books on the way out. What a lovely group of girls. It’s been a year and a half now and I still feel excited to go to Book club.

And then we’re hosting a big Hunt on Saturday. A big money spinner. All the income from the Hunt comes to me and I have to do all the catering etc. When I say me, I collectively mean towards something for our house. We need a new double door fridge/ freezer thing-a-ma-jig. But I’ll see.

laters baby. (Do you know where this comes from?)


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