These are the days of our lives…


John and I have been married for 11 years. A normal marriage. Hectic love and also hectic fights.

But I was talking to some girls yesterday about passion. When last did you have a passionate embrace with your husband like they do in the movies? Like walking in the door, getting slammed against the wall, grabbing and ripping  each others clothes off as you passionately dry hump your way to the real deal? Feeling such unequivocal hot horniness for each other?

These days it’s still great. Although, it takes a bit longer to stoke the fires and ‘hump’ start  the engine. It’s lovely and great and …….safe. John and I have always been compatible….if you know what I mean?

Do you think those bodice ripping days are over? Those moments where you “screech like an express train” with unadulterated pleasure.

These days, I think of the hectic schedule of the next day. The cake I have to bake. The homework I have to do. The shopping list.

…and to be honest, these days it’s more pleasurable moaning and writhing, than screeching and swinging from the chandelier!

These are the Days Of Our Lives…………


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