The bucket list and other tales……….


So the holidays have come and are almost gone. I must have looked at my watch a few times these holidays and thought; “Oh no, the time is going too quickly today!”. I’ve accomplishd a few things on my TO DO list these holidays. Still busy with a few things.

Like cleaning out my outside store rooms, rearranging my kitchen cupboards, finishing my mountain of framing(never see the light of day with that), achive admin, filing, Income Tax and Vat, etc etc. I don’t think I’ll get to my linen cupboad this holiday, but thanks to all the guests we’ve had, all the linen has been washed and aired a few times.

One thing that we have done and 99% completed, is renovating our house in the city. The new tenants will move in on the 1 August. What a fun project. John and I had our fair share of shouting matches in front of the builder but after a while he learnt to listen to my ideas and I learnt to listen to his structural building advice.

So it’s house shopping again very soon. We both share the same view on buying property. We’re ruthless and it’s all about an investment and potential. No sentiment is welcome on the shopping spree.

I was thinking of my bucket list the other day. I found one written when I was in High School, tucked in some pages in my Bible. This is not it;

  1. Be kinder and visit more old people in town and at the Old Age Home.
  2. lose weight
  3. spend more time doing nothing
  4. make sure my parents are happy and comfy in their dotage
  5. Read more Christian books(NOT self help but Francine Rivers, Frank Peretti etc etc)
  6. Travel, travel, travel, travel
  7. Fix our tennis court (so Aidan can play)
  8. Do a Mocambique trip next year with John and the kids and come back via Kruger
  9. See the Vic Falls (But John says NOT while Mugabe is in power)
  10. Visit more Art Galleries and buy even more art.
  11. Track down my cricket painting, painted by Christiaan Nice.
  12. Own our own sea house and boat

I do love a list don’t you?


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