Blogs and all about them………


Yesterday, I was thinking about people who read blogs and especially people who write blogs.

Who am I? I’m a voluptuous farmer’s wife that’s with it and especially all that and more!

Why do I write a blog? Well, mostly to practise writing ‘coz I have a bit of a trick up my sleeve inspired by Bryce Courtney’s Persimmon Tree lined up for the future.

How does it make you feel that complete strangers read your innermost thoughts? Well, truth be told, I find that the more I think about the readers, the less frankly and easily I write. So I don’t think about who reads my posts.

Do you care if people comment? It doesn’t affect me at all, but it’s LOVELY, in fact heavenly, when people comment, ‘coz it means your writing has reached someone, somehow, be it positively or adversely.

Who do you write for? 100%, I write for myself. I will never write for publicity, acceptance or fame. It’s all about doing it for myself.

that’s it for today buggers………….


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  1. I blog for a nmber of reasons – as a ‘dear diary’ kinda thing, and also to keep my faraway friends up to date with what’s happening. It tends to be a one sided conversation, but hey. Comments etc are very affirming, but every now and again, there is a shocker, like the person that liked my post about my IVF not working – I mean, seriously!

    • oh no, that must have made you feel so sad and annoyed. maybe the person meant like as in: “like-I hear your pain and understand how you feel?”

      You have to take a step back from things like that I guess? When you were going through all that, I wanted to step inside your blog and give you a hug. or at the very least feel half of your dissapointment for you.

  2. I love blogging! And I agree with you, the more I think about who might be reading the less inclined I am to just write whatever I want to. It disturbs me a little when I run into someone I haven’t seen in a while and they start making comments about something I wrote – why not just comment on the post instead of lurking? But I suppose it cuts out a lot of general chit-chat time (on my side anyway, cause I still have to do the whole how’s your mother bit with them if they don’t blog themselves).

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