chocolate cake with 9 slabs of chocolate….


My trip to Bloem was postponed due to predicted heavy snowfalls. And considering that I would have driven back in John’s Land Cruiser with a heavy load on the back, on Black Ice, we decided on doing the trip another time. So I’ve missed out on a bit of a shopping trip and sitting on the couch catching up on all the family skinner.

The good news is, is that my “paid off” credit card, remains “paid off”. I must say I’m having a bit of a flush month. I’ve hardly bought any winter clothes at all. Nothing has appealed to me and I WILL NOT dress up as an oude doos voluptuous girl!

 As I sit here typing, the predicted rain has started. They’ve predicted snow too, but it won’t snow while there’s rain though. Snow means plenty of visitors and bloody chilly toes. I’m not fond of snow. It’s more romantic in theory than in practise.

So school starts on Monday. Happy Days! The too-ing and fro-ing… Closer to boarding school. 

What an awesome holiday. I’ve rested. I’ve worked. I’ve caught up and spring cleaned. Most of all I’ve had a divine time with my hubby, kids and visiting friends…

Oh yes, I hosted Book club on Wednesday Arvie. I made  sweetcorn, Dutch Cumin Gouda, Gruyere cheese scones and a decadent flourless choccie cake. The chocolate cake had 9 slabs of chocolate in it. It’s basically choc, eggs and castor sugar. The piece de resistance was the 100 mm band of ribbon, made out of chocolate, around the cake. I even surprised myself with my expertise. I had such fun. AND of course, even though the recipe said 9 slabs of choc, ONLY 8 landed up getting used. Hhhmmmmmmmmmmm couldn’t resist nibbling as I worked.

Have a great weekend………


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