There, but by the Grace of God, go I.


Being the mother of a cerebral palsy child, I could not help but be moved and touched by that incredible girl on Carte Blanche last night. I gulped, and pinched myself and refused to cry at her determination. I did not want to cry from pity or empathy but rather at the beauty of her and the living of her life and how she lives her life.

 So wonderful and so humbling for me. I was humbled to my core. I was humbled to tears of gratefulness, I guess too. Grateful that a child can succeed and make a difference and create awareness for disabled children. Give, me hope for my Molly. Michaela Mycroft on being inteviewed said:” ‘There is a song by Nickleback, you have got to get the music in there… And it says, ‘What is worth the prize is worth the fight.’ And I believe that the prize of inclusion is definitely worth the fight.”

 At the end of the day, this could happen to anyone. How does the old adage go? “There, but by the Grace of God go I.”

let me say that again: ‘ There, but by the Grace of God, go I.”

Michaela Mycroft, I salute you my girl, it is an honour to have watched you and all your achievements. I think you’re wonderful.


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  1. Hi! Ek het jou antwoord op ‘n ander blogger se post gelees en was eers teruggevat maar het teruggesit, jou post van vandag gelees en ek “dink” ek verstaan van waar jy vandaan kom en die frustrasie. Ek dink as ons onsself in sekere omstandighede bevind dan raak ons “oorsensitief”. As voorbeeld: Ek is ‘n IF het my eerste kind dmv IFV gekry en is tans besig met IVF/FET vir no. 2. Die naweek was ek vriendelik verplig om ‘n babatee by te woon, ek vermy dit soos pes en was jare laas op een. ‘n Gebed is voorgelees en ‘n teks is aangehaal wat se “dat kinders is ‘n beloning van God”, ek het amper my vrugtesap uitgespoeg! Ek is seker dit was glad nie op my gemik nie, maar wragtig verdien ons nie ook belonings nie!

    Sterkte voorentoe, ek geniet jou blog baie! Hoop julle is nie toegesneeu nie. Gee jou aspatat, Molly, ‘n vet soen!

    • I know, my comment was a bit harsh, and totally goes against my…”if you can’t say anything nice..then don’t say it” kind of thinking. I was just on a bit of a high horse. and at the end of the day, my time is limited and so when I turn to my favourite blogger and find insignificant bulldust like the price of a Pritt, I get confused and my brain scrambled a little bit. I will email an apology through to the relevant blogger.

      It is very cold here at the moment. My fingers are frozen. Thanks, will give Molls a big kiss.

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