I just think that kids are bloody babied too much…..finish and klaar…….


So, yesterday, I spring cleaned the office and got rid of about 5 years of shite. And then I stood back and looked at my great achievement. It felt dannnnnnng good.

 I do the books, admin, but things do accumulate over time. Filing is always done, but kids pictures, reports, books just sometimes get  put on piles to sort out later. Aidan’s pictures, paintings and drawings are always done with such love and care, that you feel pretty kak to have to throw them out.

My friend Ang, on receiving her daughters artwork for the year, in Dec, turned to me and said “ what am I going to do with all this crap?” We both collapsed with giggles. Coz we knew we shouldn’t be laughing. It felt so wrong, but it was sooo funny.

Molly’s school gives you termly artwork in neat little boxes. It’s easier to pack away. But Aidan’s older and more capable of making robots, cars out of bloody cereal boxes, toilet rolls. And for shit’s sake that poster paint leaves dusty residue everywhere. Red, blue, yellow, green etc  clings to everything. (at the same time, I’m grateful for his painting ability.) I keep about 4 things a year.

Kids aside, John is just as guilty with leaving things lying around. Caps, caps and more bloody caps. John loves a cap and a sleeveless fleece bodywarmer. His two most staple wardrobe fixtures.

The older I get, the less inclined I feel, to collect crap. The other day I read in one of the mags, Marie Claire, I think, that the best investment you can give your kids is being financially secure in your old age and retirement. And I’d love to know how much money I’ve wasted on “things” over the years? Thousands of Rands, I imagine? I’m not saying I mustn’t live, but rather spend money on holidays with the kids, home loans, things that form and create our kids to be wiser.

Our children are turning into “Instant Bunnies”. Instant TV, instant information on the internet, instant money from parents, instant messaging. I think we’re missing a WHOLE generation of problem solvers. Kids that are actually incapable of thinking for themselves. I sometimes think that those Chinese Tiger mommies are tough but they have a point. It should be a balance of Tiger Mommy and Western Mommy for great results. The article in the mag, also seemed to imply that children live at home longer than they used to. Up to 23-28yrs old. FK NO!!!!!

But, maybe it’s a market trend, and it’s the way the world is now. Bad economy, more expensive living. I don’t know?

 I just think that kids are bloody babied too much. Finish and klaar.


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