Pandora’s Box………again


Yesterday Pandora’s box was ripped open again. You know, so wide open, that you see the black, dark, ugly things in life.

Saturday’s dreadful bus accident outside Cradock was horrific. I found out yesterday morning that my good friend’s sister’s little boy was killed. 10 years old. Killed instantly. The irony was, was that this was the first time his mom allowed him to go to a Sports match in the bus. She usually took him. This time she allowed hime to go on the bus and then by pure flook, he was killed. Along with the headmaster.

What is the sense in that? Where is the sense in all this? When you don’t know the people involved in  a tragedy, you remain detached, ‘coz you know, we live in South Africa and you hear horrific things all the time. But, when it’s someone you know,it puts it all in perspective. The pain, the anger, the pure tragedy of losing a little boy. Just 3 years older than my little boy.

May God bless them and comfort them in their pain and the horrific road they have ahead. May his little brother, his Mom and Dad find comfort in You and someday have peace and acceptance in their souls from this terrible tragedy. 

oh, God, I pray this.


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