I’ve hit a brick wall today with blog post content. So here goes:


food: vegies (and chocolate)

 fruit: cling peaches

fish: rock cod and trout and salmon

meat: rump steak, ooooooooh and gammon

meal: fish and salad or local steak and salad

celeb person: no-one, I don’t believe in that shite

happiest moment today: A bloggy friend has had excellent news with regards to her fertility treatment. HOLDING THUMBS C.B.!!!!!

biggest ball ache of  today: I have to catch up on our books/VAT (fkkkkkkk!!)

most annoying moment: when John slurped his coffee this morning

favourite love: John, that boy still makes me laugh after 20 years, since 5 Aug 1992 to be exact, when we were a mere 19yrs of age.

looking forward to: this awesome cooking course, myself and 9 other girlfriends are going to this weekend at a Corden Bleu cooking school. so excited. oh yes and the trout fishing ladies festival in September…….whoo hoo.(MY COOKING MOJO IS BACK!!)

hope your eyes didn’t glaze over……….

laters baby…..






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