our family kitchen……..


At the moment I’m growing and hopefully will reap a fine crop of Oyster Mushrooms. Here’s holding thumbs. All my friends have had the most amazing success from these little boxes.

So something different to look forward to and my little chap has taken it on as his own project.

Yesterday I mentioned that I have my cooking mojo back. It is. Totally back. With bells and whisk in hand. I’m cooking again, Even planted out another two mini herb gardens. Only short of basil as it’s not in season. Yes!!! I know one can find it at Woolies and all, but I’m talking home-grown stuff here people! Little seeds sprinkled onto a patch of soil , watered into a sizable crop to transplant. We live in a frost area, so I have to wait.

I planted spinach, beetroot, broccoli, cauli’s, carrots, brussels sprouts(!), and a whole lot of other vegies. My family enjoys brussels sprouts. I’ve never made a scene about them and they’ve eaten them. Sorry to brag, but my kids eat everything. My friend Lizette once told me, that if your kids don’t like something, just leave it and serve it to them again another day. Don’t put labels on them.

There is, however, one thing that Aidan and Molls don’t like and that is mushrooms. They really don’t like them. They have to be disguised in sauces, and in a dish of some kind. I will persevere though.

Last year, on a completely spontaneous whim, I rushed out and bought white plates of different shapes and sizes. I put them in the cupboard and forgot about them until a few months ago. It’s amazing how these little plates, that are quirky, have inspired me to serve my food,  more aesthetically pleasing. Just a twist, to serve something boring in a different dish, just makes it exciting again.

So from my happy warm kitchen to your hopefully happy kitchen..I wish you happy cooking and as my mom always says: “you can see that this was cooked with love!”

And…….at the moment, I’m cooking with a lot of love…..


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