The Aloes are in bloom….


The aloes are all flowering at the moment. It looks beautiful. Aloes are to the Eastern Cape what fynbos and Table Mountain is to Cape Town. It’s home. or Ishaka is to Durbs. or what the Hillbrow Tower is to Jozi.

Thorn Tree, an Aloe and a Blesbuck, and I’m home. Senses reeling me in like a homing pigeon.

It’s naff I know to post about Aloes. But it’s close to home and it’s South African. and it’s me.


as a friend reminded me the other day…Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Leonardo da Vinci

The view from my kitchen window. I often see a duiker or two grazing when things are quiet and still.

I really love it here.


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    • I’m sorry I had to giggle at this. I take you’re not from South Africa? It’s duiker (pronounced die-ka), not dyke (as in lesbian lover). A duiker is a type of Antelope (buck). They are one of the smallest antelope we find in South Africa. So yes, I do find Duiker grazing outside my kitchen window. Sorry about the spelling error

      • gone back on all your replies….sorry, you are from South Africa.But live in a city? still giggling. glad you’ve started commenting again.

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