How kiff is this?


If you’re a foodie and appreciate cooking then the list below will tickle your fancy, blow your hair back, raise your sails and whatever else.

This is what we are learning to cook tonight on the Corden Bleu cooking course. The course begins at 4:30pm and goes on all night. We bring our own wine/drinks and cook the night away. A busy kitchen full of ten friends, no kids, no husbands and a full on Dessert Buffet to round the evening off. Fk me, sounds like bliss…..


Home-made rolls topped with three cheeses

Brushetta topped with olive oil, pesto and parmesan

Springbok carpacio with parmesan, olive oil and pesto

Spinach, courgette and feta cheese tart

Cream of tomato and basil soup

 Main course buffet

Lamb loin chops

~Loin chops, flambéed with basting and served with a flavoured butter sauce~

Seafood Paella

~An array of seafood tossed in saffron rice topped with half shell mussels~

Deboned chicken ~demonstration~

~whole ballontine of chicken stuffed with pimento, mushrooms and feta cheese and served with a mushroom sauce~


Roasted potato wedges

Bell pepper and pesto cous cous

Pumpkin fritters rolled in cinnamon and sugar

Melange of green vegetables in a rich cheese sauce

Layered garden salad

 Dessert Buffet

Lemon cheesecake topped with a granadilla coulee

Lemon meringue pie

Decadent chocolate and wild berry cake

Apple and red berry crumble

Assorted Cheeseboard

How kiff is this?


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