Five Straight Shots Against The Wall…..


This whole Olympic thing is very exciting. And boring. Thank goodnes for remotes, coz you just change the channel. For example I don’t want to watch wrestling, or javelin or weight lifting.

Yesterday I flicked over to weight lifting and the size of the one woman’s thighs were massive. Unattractively so. I’m sure that when she’s nonchalantly walking through the gym she has the respect an awe of all inside the building. I get that. I respect that these sports men and women are at their peak. But does it make me want to watch them. Sometimes no.

I really thought that the SAwomen’s hockey team could have put on a little mascara, or a touch of lipstick. That Revlon makes the most amazing Colourstay lipstick in an array of colours. It lasts for 18 hours. They could have applied it that morning, warmed up, played their game, looked fab for the camera’s and still had some on for there meal that night. Bob’s your uncle!

I’m very proud of  South African Gold Olympian Swimmer, Cameron van der Burgh. Well done my boy. I personally enjoyed watching you on that little podium, gold medal around your neck, and smiling through the National Anthem. It was as if your joy was to big to contain and your smile kept spilling out the corners of your mouth. So lovely to watch happiness so big, so radiant.

PS  The cooking course this weekend was fun. Lots of laughs. Helped along with a bit of caramel vodka….

P.P. S  Watched Magic Mike this weekend. Revolting is all I can say. Strippers gyrating in women’s faces is not my scene. Greasy, shiny bodies with matching greasy hair, is gross. There were brief scenes with threesomes, drugs and vomiting that left me cold and bored.I’m definately picking up a trend with this movie, that women are perhaps seeking sexual fulfillment and that is why 50 Shades and this movie have had so much publicity.

In a nutshell, perhaps this whole trend of metro sexual males is blowing up in their faces and women feel the need for the Return of the Masculine Man to take them and pin them against the wall and give them 5 Straight Shots Against The Wall.

Don’t you think that’s an excellent title for a book in the Mommy Porn genre, 5 Straight Shots Against the Wall?

Actually an excellent name for a cocktail too…….come to think of it.



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  1. Bwahahahaha! You’re a funny lady! Definitely a winning title and a cool name for a cocktail – beats Sex on a Beach or a Blowjob! But what would you put in it? (The cocktail, I mean.)

  2. 1 Tot of Vodka for the Courage
    4 Tablespoons crushed Ice.
    1 tot of Cane for the Pain
    drizzled with Grenandine for the Exquisite sweetness
    splashed with Ginger Beer to take your breath away
    All served in a chilled Martini glass with the rim laced with sugar

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