Boys wearing pink? er no……


I don’t like boys (or men) wearing pink. There…I said it. I think it’s bullshit.

I like my men to be men. And ……and I’m sorry to say it….but real men don’t wear pink.

The only men that will willingly wear pink are gay men, men whose wives buy clothing for them and fuckwit wannabe’s(like the Jasonator-from The Year of the Gherkin)

I don’t like that Rugby Team wearing pink either. That rugby team in Pretoria?, I think, it smacks of publicity.

If you disagree, well that’s fine, comment and tell me why. I dare you. But this is my blog and I DON’T LIKE IT!


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    • Even though my hubby will not wear pink,I disagree. A man in a dark gray suite with a light pink shirt looks stunning. Did you know in ancient times, blue was the colour associated with girls and pink was associated with boys. When a girl (blue) was borne she received pink gifts to correct the balance (the ying and yang) and vice versa for boys. I do however agree with you 100% on the rugby team in Pretoria.

      • glad you told me that. will def bring up that info at the next bookclub. i’ll come across as all learned and knowledgable!! LOL interesting too.

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