A peaceful calm reigned………..


My Hormones are all over the place. Hiding and playing havoc. Yesterday the fkers made me cry twice. They squeezed the tears out for those awesome South African rowers who won a GOLD and then popped out and gave me a fright later that afternoon. They arrived with Self Pity, who is pathetic at the best of times. Fortunately Red Rozzie arrived late last night, which sort of explained the  arrival of  The Hormones.

I caught myself screaming at John yesterday at lunch time when he asked for lunch. It was bad, the throbbing blue veins on my neck, were actually visible through my triple chins. I think I might have sounded like a horsey chick. All aggressive like, you know? Then the next instant I rushed to the bathroom, eyes filled with tears. It’s like I was two people. Aggie Aggressive and Pathetic Pam. As they say at any Twilight movie premier, heaving with teenagers: ‘Like, What the fuck?”

Today Red Rozzie is here, sitting next to me sipping a cuppa tea. Oddly comforting. Oddly familiar, even though she’d been a way for 6 years. So here we sit together, shoulders touching, the odd whiff of iron reaching my nostrils, and it’s calm.

As they say in the odd trashy novel….”A peaceful calm reigned”….


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