I need some attention dammit!


At the moment John is perched on a tree stump on Venus, preoccupied and scheming about the water system he’s busy putting in on the farm, and I’m all frail and needy on Mars. Never the twain shall meet. Uggh, I hate this part of marriage when you’re in the same race but different courses. When he’s unconsciously veering left and I’m pointedly veering right for a bit of attention.

I need some attention.

No, not that kind! Just a kiss and cuddle and him to tell me I’m the bees knees.I’m the Blondie (I hated Veronica) to his Archie. I’m the Claudia Joy Holden to his Michael Holden(Army Wives), I’m his Eva Peron to his Juan Peron… You know what I mean, I know you do.

Oi, men can be obtuse and ego centric and women can be selfish and self-absorbed. The same thing but worded differently.

I NEED some attention dammit!




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