Are Die Antwoord sincere?


In the past I’ve been known to mention that I have a morbid fascination for Die Antwoord. Well, I’m afraid I’m taking that back. All I feel for them is a deep, deep revulsion and sickness. I don’t care how popular they are in the U.S of A. or how much money they have. This morning I was shown their latest video Baby’s on Fire, as a bit of a joke.

I feel sick. To my core. I find the lyrics blasphemous and sordid. And the video ends with her throwing a brick at someones face. 

Now I’m all up for a bit of upbeat alternative rebelliousness, but that is too much. It hovers and dips into the dark side. It’s poetry for people who are searching for truth. The truth about what?

It’s definitely a slice of a certain population group. They’ve cottoned onto something there.

Are Die Antwoord sincere? Well, I’d love to know. Are they really like that? or is all for publicity?


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