Town vs Country


The difference with living on a farm and living in town…

Living on a farm:

  • guests have to entertain themselves with nature, ambience, walks, drinking wine, taking it all in
  • homestyle cooking
  • the local pub with loads of interesting people
  • slower pace
  • more of a routine
  • old bathrooms
  • toilets that block from the lime scale in the water
  • murky water
  • darkness at night
  • seeing the stars
  • braai’s with Thornwood from the farm
  • jeans and sneakers, warm jackets and scarves

Living in town:

  • taking your guests out to eat at every meal
  • taking your guests to all the local haunts
  • movies
  • theatre
  • Woolies food
  • up to date bathrooms
  • chlorine in the water
  • traffic
  • street lights
  • urban living
  • Dress up and wear make up
  • getting your “City Game face” and Hairstyle on
  • sense of movement and “up to dateness”

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