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Next to my bed I have April’s Fools Day by Bryce Courtney.

April Fool’s Day is a 1993 novel by Australian author Bryce Courtenay. The book is a tribute to the author’s son, Damon Courtenay, a haemophiliac who contracted HIV/AIDS through an infected blood transfusion. The title refers to the date of Damon’s death, 1 April 1991 (April Fools’ Day). taken from’s_Day_(novel) . I’ve wanted to read this for ages.

For anyone that doesn’t know Bryce Courtney, he’s an excellent story-teller. Lifts and carry’s you into the book. He’s not a heavy read but one can’t slot him into cliterature(women’s literature) either. I just adore his books and always come away having learnt something or shifted my view-point about something. That’s all I ever ask when I read a book….to feel something or learn something.

The latest Spud is next to my bed to. But he can wait, not ready for him yet. That’s a guaranteed laugh.

On a completely different note..I have a bit of a problem at home. Even though my kids are 11 months apart, because of Molly’s mental aptitude I have two kids with two different interests in TV viewing. Aidan loves Disney, Boomerang (UUUHGGGHHH) and Molls adores Teletubbies, Shawn the sheep and general CBeebies. We taped Andre Rieu’s concerts for her. While she watched the TV, we watched her reaction to the music. What a delight to see her clapping, laughing and giggling at all the sounds. Aidan sat bemused in the corner.

So it’s a constant slotting in of everyone’s turn. John and I refuse to get dual view. He says we’ll never sit as a family and we’ll all watch too much TV. So Molls has her turn, Aidan has his, John has his and I generally tape what I enjoy on the PVR and watch it at my leisure. John hates Friends and Will and Grace and I’m terribly bored with black and white Second World War documentaries and repeats of Top Gear. We do try to watch family programmes, but seriously what doesn’t have swearing, sex or violence in it?

A constant battle…..


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  1. I have only read 3 of Bryce Courtenay’s books, The Power of One, Tandia and April Fools day and I loved all of them. I don’t read often but I love losing myself in the worlds that he creates for me. Should actually consider reading some of the others.

  2. I’ve read the same three and enjoyed them but for some reason haven’t felt drawn to read any of his others. I also have the latest Spud waiting 🙂

    I don’t want to sound holier than thou but we don’t have television (reception) – just because our new house doesn’t have an aerial only a dish and my DH refuses to get DSTV. As a result the children watch DVD’s and have to take it in turns to choose. My DH and I have taken to watching series in the evenings – one episode a night. This has worked for us over the past two years.

    Not sure how I’ll handle it when we eventually do get reception.

    • No TV sounds divine. But I’m admitedlly, a tad addicted to it.
      The Persimmon Tree by Bryce Courtney as well as Jessica are also very good. Some people find Jessica depressing, but I enjoyed it.

  3. We have a similar problem – we don’t have DSTV but the 3 shows they do like/watch get fought over.

    To get around this each child has their day – so if it is Camerons turn today then he chooses what gets watched and Kiara must suck it up – tomorrow will be her turn. It works for the most part!

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