Feeling sick and sorry for myself….


At the moment, I’m in the mood to just sit back, reflect and be a spectator.

John and I have been very busy of late. We have had visitors every weekend and as much as we enjoy people, it becomes exhausting. The eating is getting to me more than the people. That obligatory G&T, glass of red, rich dinners, snacks and puddings.

My liver is screaming and I can’t anymore. It’s all to much for me. Give me lettuce, a little bit of chicken and some cucumber.

I’m at the stage when I’m thinking….How on Earth do I jump off this roller coaster ride? When does it all come to a grinding holt?

This weekend we have a 50th on Saturday. A lunch affair at the coast. Kids are being baby sat by a friend. So it’s just John and I for the day, which is bliss. And then it’s Sunday School on Sunday morning. A quiet weekend by all accounts.

On the work front, it’s going very well. Exciting things happening with my sideline of  selling Art.

Today I bunked work and am sitting lolling. I have a sore throat, nasal drip and swollen glands. Thembisa has just put fresh linen on the bed, where I plan to sneak of too and read a book. I’ve finished the latest Spud, which was okay and ready for the next book. Don’t feel like speaking to anyone and/or making any eye contact for at least 3 hours.

chat later



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