A Mom and 3 Daughters


an email between us 3 sisters and mom. first one sent by my older sister.

Hi girls

 Just to let you all know I went for my first mammogram today. Was actually painless (not sure if it was the myprodrol i took 10 minutes before).  The Dr told me ladies are going from age 35 these days and not 50 like in the past.  So sisters go book your mammogram appointment.

I actually went for a Bone Density examination (I think I may have arthritis – thanks Mom), but she confirmed i’m to young for the BD test and suggested I go to my GP who would refer me to the correct Dr. 

Chat soon


My reply:


Every November I go through some “Anxiety Related Disease”. November was when Molls was diagnosed. A few years ago I was convinced I had breast cancer, so I had a mammogram. All fine. Not pleasant to have ones bosoms squashed though. Especially 44 DD. Maramachungas!

I have a Glandular Fever relapse at the moment. Bloody sick. My glands look like I swallowed two tennis balls and I have such a high temp that Tiffa is changing the sheets twice a day with all the perspiring. Bloody sore. Anyway doctor given me meds. I asked him for meds that make me sleepy. I don’t look a gift horse in the mouth to block out John and the kids. In fact, I’ve just swallowed three pills and for a brief second, S and Mom flashed before my very eyes. They would have been proud!!!!

The weather is miserable today and I’m tired of being in bed. But I’ve learnt with experience, it’s the best place to be to recuperate quickly. I’m even missing bookclub this afternoon. 😦 : and I love bookclub. Even though we only remember about the books as we are leaving, they’re a nice bunch of girls and they make me laugh.

Well, off to fetch Aidan from school, even though I’m feverish and ill. (John’s at a bull sale)



P.S. you must know I’m sick if I’m watching Jackalsdans and re-runs of Will and Grace!!


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