Countess Kaz as the passionate Marianne Dashwood….


We are having the most magnificent Hot Day in the middle of winter? Strange but true.

Feeling pap today and I asked Lizzie and Tiffa to bring around my lounger from around the pool to my front Verandah. Here I sit, covered in a tartan knee rug surveying my garden and the kids playing in the sun. The tartan knee rug is a prop in my little bit of theatrics. It’s the emotional and tragic way I feel today.

I feel like the passionately tragic, convalescing Marianne Dashwood, in Sense and Sensibility. Since I’ve always felt deep in my heart that if anyone should play my life story it could only be Kate Winslet. Simply because, when I was thinner 14 years ago, someone said I reminded them of Kate Winslet in Hideous Kinky. The fact she didn’t look her best in that film, don any makeup and acted as a hippy, did not put me off one bit. All I heard was Kate Winslet resonate through the crevices of my brain. And I’ve clung to it all these years. It’s mine and no-one can take it away from me. No-one.

So I plan to lie delicately on the cast aluminium lounger, Victoriano Style, arm spread across my face shielding me from the sun. Awaiting my honourable Colonel Brandon (John, my Husband), to come home for his Elevenses…..


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  1. That’s the one. Alice de Janze was a real person and apparently really did say something like that.

    Not sure about the bath scene though, where she stands up in the bath and asks ‘Doesn’t anybody want to fuck me’

  2. Someone once told me I looked like Kathleen Turner. I choose to believe it’s from when she was young and beautiful (and thin) but I sadly have my doubts!

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