I will not be bullied….


Am dying to write an unedited blog post about all the fuckwits I’m surrounded with at the moment. Serious fuckwits. Eish it’s tough keeping one’s big trap shut. I don’t know who reads this blog, so I have to remain restrained to some degree.

It blows my mind how people become Bully’s if you don’t agree with them or bow down to what they want.

News Flash Fucker: I WILL NOT BE BULLIED

At the moment I’m being bullied by someone very close to me. I don’t want to kow tow to their logic. Bullshit logic. And all it ever feels like, is me giving in and my kids being pushed to the back burner again.

Don’t you hate it, when someone does a kind deed for you and then it’s thrown in your face constantly, with them reminding you of their generosity. (never mind that you’ve probably done a lot more than them.)

I know that this blog post is probably annoying, as I’m not naming names…but c’mon seriously….


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  1. I agree.. I know those fuckwits.. and funny how there is always “one” that you either work with, mixes in your circle or knows you personally, yet they tend to think the world owes them a favour.. those domineering people… if it makes you feel better, those people only behave that way, because they are personally insecure with their own shit and I think the superior attitude they portray, gives them that “power” they think makes them look like a stronger person.. when you are in that kind of company again, do yourself a favour.. smile at them, laugh if you can.. it will infuriate them! hee hee

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