Car Guards and other stories…..


Today a friend of mine gave change to a Car Guard who defiantly threw it on the ground claiming it wasn’t enough? What the heck is that? I’m confused here, because theoretically speaking, we don’t owe a Car Guard anything.

How do you feel about giving money to a Car Guard. Frankly, I give money to a Car Guard because I’m financially comfortable.

So I give change because perhaps, he may have helped me with my groceries, or showed me a parking, or just plain old lurked about. I’m sick to death of feeling guilty  if I don’t give money to a car Guard that is doer en gone on the other side of the Car park chatting with the other car guards and then when he sees my reverse lights come on, rushes across the parking lot to receive his token of doing what? Bugger all, that’s what!

I’m generalizing, I know, because some are helpful, but in all honesty, 95% are NOT!

I’ll be able to find a parking on my own. I’ll be able to carry and pack my  car on my own. You see, they do it in England, the States and other countries all the time.

So while I understand that being a Car Guard is in a sense being an entrepreneur, it’s actually not. It’s sitting or standing in a car park watching cars that have built-in alarms, and waiting for a hand out from someone who has worked their backside off for those few pennies. Pennies that are only handed over because of guilt at being financially independent and able to enjoy a certain standard of living.

I’d love to know how many families are subsidised from Car Guards. Maybe it’ll make me feel a little better….


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  1. I only give money to car guards that have helped me i.e. held a trolley in danger of rolling away, unpacked a trolley etc.

    I do not have issues with not giving a car guard money if he wasn’t there when I parked or shows me a space I have already spotted etc.

    And of course there are times when I simply do not have any change on me.

    Now I do feel terribly guilty and heartsore when I see mothers with small children begging at the intersections. I mean what sort of life is it to grow up on the side of a road? However, on principle, I do not give money. Occasionally if I have an apple or similar with me I will give that. The reason being that there have been several reports (urban legends?) of how people prefer to beg at intersections because they make more money than being a gardener or a maid – sometimes up to R300 a day!

  2. I dont give money to car guards – mainly because I rarely have cash on me – the ones at my local shops know now and dont even bother showing me a parking or helping – I dont mind – I am capable of doing it on my own!

    The ones that REALLY irk me are the ones INSIDE the parkades – you have to PAY to park there and then still get asked for a tip from the guard!!!

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