Giving birth on the farm road and other stories…..


Living in a busy farming community means you are busy most weekends and sometimes during the week too.

This last Sunday John and I had nothing on and we braaied with the kids.We sat in the sun drinking our white wine spritzers and had a right old  jolly good time. What just stare at a point over my standard roses and not make small talk. Actually while I was staring blankly something did register in my brain to plant some more shrubs in the one flower bed. Am I good at gardening? I dunno? But I enjoy it and Zizile does a mighty fine job of listening to my instructions.

Yesterday I got a frantic phone call while I was in town from Thembisa. She phoned to tell me that she had to run up the farm road as her sister had gone into labour and was busy giving birth. So there this young girl was, lying on the gravel, grass and stones giving birth to her 3rd child. No help or drugs. Anyway John sent a truck straight away and she was whisked through to the local hospital. I’m presuming with baby and umbilical chord in hand…. They are both fine and the baby was a girl. The mother is not married and this is her third child in about 5 years. Hopefully the labour might cause her to think twice before allowing a man entry again!

It worries me so much when I see these kids running around sans a  father.  Every time a baby is born it puts such financial pressure on the rest of the family. The irony is, that this woman has never worked and she manages to bring up 3 kids with help from her family. She isn’t the only one that’s done that. The sense of family among Xhosa people is phenomenal and so strong.

The joys of farm life.

I took this photo on Sunday in front of the peach blossoms to celebrate Spring:


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