the Bored Mommies Woolies Bashing Bitch Festival..


If I see another Suburban sourced anti “Woolies bashing Bitch Festival” comment on facebook, I’m going to seriously purge myself. At first it amused me and now the blatant ignorance from both parties is making me angry.

Are we living in the same country? Have we not lived in the same country for the last 20 years. Why are we suddenly shocked and affronted by this undiplomatic wording of  job advertisements discriminating against whites. For the record I am deeply and MOST passionately against any discrimination against someone because of their skin colour. I believe that people should get a job because they are the best suited to it.

However this storm in a tea-cup has outraged South African Surburbia to its core. This boycott against Woolies which involves not shopping there, must surely be a bit of a rude awakening for Woolies and the Government. People are gatvol. Woolies is getting slated and lynched by a mob, but are they entirely to blame here? Um no. Read about it here:

“Has everyone forgotten that South African companies are obligated by law to actively support and initiate transformation in the workplace? ” quoted from an article in

Fact: Woolworths is expensive. Woolworths supplies fabulous good quality products. They are sometimes over priced. I love shopping there. I need my Chuckles.

Are people over reacting? Yes.  

However, I bit of a “knocking someone down to size” never did hurt anyone. Also, it’s never to late to learn a bit of tact and diplomacy.

Cue in: Woolies specials to lure us in again and save us a penny or two… 


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  1. Maybe this fiasco will level the playing fields – so support it or knock it – its allowing people to vent – and I am all for the abolishment of affirmative action – it is a load of crap – people have been getting jobs for years based on colour and not merit – that is why this country is on a downhill slide… take our parastatal electricity supplier for example – do a comparison between no. of employees today vs 20 years ago – and then do a comparison between quality of the network and quality of service and supply… you would think with so many more employees service and supply would be so much better but its not – a lot of the work is contracted out because they are chasing BEE targets and employing under-qualified persons instead of those who are qualified to actually do the work – irrespective of race. Not to mention the high costs that the end user needs to endure as a direct result of affirmative action – not only for electricity but for everything. The pattern is the same.

    And just for the record – I think that Gareth Cliff is hot.

  2. point noted above. But BEE, be it effective or productive, or not, was necessary at the time.It’s absolutely fine to throw facts and figures but one also has to give a solution. How do YOU think one can level the playing field in South Africa when most of the kids are getting a 3rd rate education and some are more priveledged than others? E.G my nanny is as sharp as a whip and under different cirmustances, had she learnt to read and write, would probably be a VERY successful business owner that could break any pair of balls in her path.

    I understand your point but it’s an excellent comment in theory but unbelievably naive in practise MJ. and you know it!

    By the way Gareth Cliff is NOT hot. He is a little nkwenkwe that I would crush in 5 minutes. I prefer Hot Camel Men myself.

    Coffee at the Woolies cafe next week?

  3. So, I guess what it means Countess, is that there won’t be long queue’s when we want to shop at Woolies! Hehe! I don’t know, do we have nothing better to bitch about? So Woolies is honest about its policies, at least everyone going for the interview is actually a possible candidate, and not wasting their time.
    Gareth Cliff is hot, and clever, and funny. Despite MJ’s questionable ideas about hot men, I’m with her on this one;-)

    • No No No, not you too. Gareth Cliff is clever and funny, but not hot. a 1000 times no. I like the strong silent type. Actions speak louder than words and all that…

      It’s his size that doesn’t work for me. I mean height. I like a big boy!

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