off to Jozi…….


Tuesday morning we leave for Jozi to see Molly’s Orthotist. Every year we go to Joburg for a week to have her fitted with orthotics with this amazing man. He is brilliant and his work is great and the results have been wonderful.

But truth be told we are plaas mense and do’nt enjoy going to Joburg. Any other city except Joburg. When we’re there we LOVE the vibe and energy and productivity. We come back inspired at the variety of things we’ve seen. Cue in the Design Quarter at Fourways. Love it there. So every year we get dragged kicking and screaming to Jozi and every year we come back having enjoyed ourselves immensely. You’d think we’d know better by now? It’s been 5 years!

Here is a picture of Molls last year during the measuring and fitting, she was overcome with absolute theatrics and the crocodile  tears poured down her cheeks much to the amusement of Johns and I.



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  1. Travel safely, and enjoy, I love Jozi! So vibrant and happening and busy! Love the positive energy there! Helps that I lived there at a great phase of my life!

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